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Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya - 5 years as head priest of Ghaziabad Kali temple

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Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya

M.A, Ph.D, Kabya Vyakarana Tirtha, Purana Ratna, Paurohitya Tirtha, Pourahitya Shastri, Smritishastri, Jyotishacharya, Tantrasamrat Awardee. Dr. Bhattacharya is a qualified vedic priest and specialised in Kabya Vyakarana Tirtha, Purana Ratna and Paurohitya Tirtha. He is a veteran Jyotishacharya, Vedashastri, Purohitya Shastri.He has done extensive research in this area and has a PhD degree.

ডাঃ নির্মল ভট্টাচার্য একজন যোগ্যতাসম্পন্ন বৈদিক পুরোহিত এবং কাব্য ব্যাকরণ তীর্থ, পুরাণ রত্ন এবং পৌরোহিত্য তীর্থ বিশেষজ্ঞ। তিনি একজন অভিজ্ঞ জ্যোতিষাচার্য, বেদশাস্ত্রী এবং পৌরোহিত্য শাস্ত্রী। এই ক্ষেত্রে ব্যাপক গবেষণা করেছেন এবং একটি পিএইচ.ডি. ডিগ্রি অর্জন করেছেন।

Vedas and the Sanskrit Sloka

Each day after morning bath when they used to wear jute clothes and namavali, prepare themselves for the worship, I felt happy and delighted. I used to present there every day. When I was only eight years old, along with my brother, my Upanayana Ceremony took place. From then onwards, I used to set out for school just after finishing my daily course of worship.

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Preparation for Worship

Expert in Vedic Mantras - বৈদিক মন্ত্রে বিশেষজ্ঞ

After a few years, I became capable enough to comprehend the meanings of Vedic Mantras and therefore started participating in different worship programs. From the year 1989 to the year 1993, I actively associated with our ancestral temples.

Become head priest

Afterward according to my maternal uncle Dr. Bishnupada Goswami’s( Huston, Durgabari, Texas, USA) ardent willingness and kindness, I got the authorization to be the head priest of Ghaziabad Kali temple from 1993 to 1998 and Faridabad Durgabari Kalimata temple from 1998 to 2014 ( till May). From 1st June 2014 onwards I am still working for the sake of distinct service provided by you.

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Hindu Marriage joins two individuals for life, so that they can pursue dharma (duty), artha (possessions), kama (physical desires), and moksha (ultimate spiritual release) together.



Annaprashan is a Sanskrit term, which literally means “grain initiation”. A popular Hindu custom, annaprashan marks the beginning of solid food in your baby’s life.

Griha Pravesh

griha pravesh

Griha Pravesh is a ceremony performed on the occasion of one’s first entry into a new house. Traditionally held within approximately 90 days of moving into a new residence.

Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayan puja

Satyanarayan Pooja is one of the best & easiest ways to seek blessings from Lord Vishnu, who is the God responsible for maintenance of this Universe.



Shraddha, in Hinduism, a ceremony performed in honour of a dead ancestor. The rite is both a social and a religious responsibility enjoined on all male Hindus.

All types of Puja

all type of puja

Bipattarini Puja, Ganesh Puja, Jagadhhatri Puja, Janmashtami, Mahalaya Tarpan, Ramnavami, Sasthi Puja, Naag Panchami, Monosha Puja, Vishwakarma Puja, Kartik Puja, Basanti Puja etc.

আমরা বেঙ্গলোরে যে অঞ্চলগুলিতে সেবা প্রদান করি।

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