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Vedas and the Sanskrit Sloka

From my early childhood, the enchantments uttered to please our ancestral God Damodar Jeu, and Goddess Shitala used to fascinate me. The prime priests of those certain temples were my respected father and elder brother.

Preparation for Worship

Each day after morning bath when they used to wear jute clothes and namavali, prepare themselves for the worship, I felt happy and delighted. I used to present there every day. When I was only eight years old, along with my brother, my Upanayana Ceremony took place. From then onwards, I used to set out for school just after finishing my daily course of worship.

Expert in Vedic Mantras

After a few years, I became capable enough to comprehend the meanings of Vedic Mantras and therefore started participating in different worship programs. From the year 1989 to the year 1993, I actively associated with our ancestral temples.

Become head priest of Ghaziabad  &  Faridabad Kali temple

Afterward according to my maternal uncle Dr. Bishnupada Goswami’s( Huston, Durgabari, Texas, USA) ardent willingness and kindness, I got the authorization to be the head priest of Ghaziabad Kali temple from 1993 to 1998 and Faridabad Durgabari Kalimata temple from 1998 to 2014 ( till May). From 1st June 2014 onwards I am still working for the sake of distinct service provided by you.


I have not only acquired the religious experiences but also achieved Kavyatirtha award from Benaras and Pourihitya Visharad award from renowned Delhi Lalbahadur Shastri University and Vyakaran tirtha, Jyotishtirtha, Purantirtha, Smrititirtha, Ved Acharya, ( MA, PhD) and Tantra Samrat award from the government of West Bengal.