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We understand that buying or selling a property can be a significant life decision, and it is essential to have the right guidance to make the most of this opportunity. Our team of experienced astrologers can help you understand the astrological factors affecting your property decisions and guide you towards making the right choices!

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Astrology can provide valuable insights into your unique strengths and challenges regarding property decisions. By analysing your birth chart, we can identify the astrological factors that may be influencing your decisions and provide guidance on navigating them. Some of the key factors we consider include the positions of the planets in your chart, the angles between them, and the houses they occupy.

position of your ruling planet

One of the most important factors to consider when buying or selling a property is the position of your ruling planet. This planet represents your individuality, and its position in your chart can provide valuable insights into your personality traits and tendencies. For example, if your ruling planet is Mars and it is located in your fourth house, you may be more inclined to invest in a property that is close to your family or has sentimental value.

position of the moon in your chart

Another important factor to consider is the position of the moon in your chart. The moon represents your emotions and inner feelings, and its position can provide insights into your relationship with your home or property. For example, if the moon is located in your second house, you may have a strong emotional attachment to your home and find it challenging to sell or move.

detailed analysis of your birth chart

Our astrology service for buying and selling property includes a detailed analysis of your birth chart and how it relates to your property decisions. We will provide a comprehensive report that outlines all of the key astrological factors affecting your decision and provides guidance on how to make the most of this opportunity. Our report will also include information on the best time to buy or sell a property based on your chart.


In addition to the written report, we also offer personalised consultations with our team of astrologers. During these consultations, we will discuss your chart in detail and answer any questions you may have. We can also provide guidance through our online consultation on specific issues or challenges that may arise during the buying or selling process.

Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya

Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya is amongst the most prominent Bengali pandit in Bangalore. Pandit Nirmal Bhattacharya who completed his M.A and Ph.D, is also a Kabya Vyakarana Tirtha, Purana Ratna, Paurohitya Tirtha, Pourahitya Shastri, Smritishastri, Jyotishacharya, and Tantrasamrat Awardee.

Dr. Bhattacharya is a qualified vedic priest in Bangalore and specialises in Kabya Vyakarana Tirtha, Purana Ratna and Paurohitya Tirtha. He is a veteran Jyotishacharya, Vedashastri, Purohitya Shastri. He has done extensive research in this area. He performs all types of pujas with years of experience. He is also an advisor of North Kolkata Brahman Samaj.

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