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Are you someone who has been struggling with delayed marriage and looking for solutions? You have come to the right place. Understanding the reasons for marriage delay will help you overcome the issue and lead a peaceful life.

Delays in marriage can be a challenging issue to deal with, but with the help of astrology, you can overcome it. We help our clients find happiness in their love lives.

A combination of certain signs, like when Rahu and sun, Rahu and Mars associate in the house of marriage, can cause a delay in marriage.

Reasons for delay in marriage

Planetary Positions

The position and alignment of planets in a person's birth chart can significantly impact their love life and marriage. Certain planetary combinations or afflictions can cause a delay in marriage or create obstacles in finding the right partner. The planet ruling the 7th house influences the marriage delay. An astrological expert reads the horoscope and understands the planetary influence to correct the same.


Astrology believes in the concept of karma, which means that our actions in past lives can impact our current life. If someone has accumulated negative karma related to their love life in a past life, it can result in a delay or obstacles in their current life. We analyse them and offer insights to cure them.


There are certain doshas or defects that can cause a delay in marriage or create obstacles in finding the right partner. These doshas include Mangal Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha, and Pitra Dosha. Our personalised service provides astrological predictions to overcome the same.

Family/Ancestral Karma

Besides personal karma, family or ancestral karma can also delay a person's marriage. This can be due to unresolved ancestral issues or patterns affecting the person's love life.

Dasha and Transit Periods

Astrology also takes into account the dasha and transit periods of a person's birth chart to determine the timing of their marriage. If a person is going through a challenging period in terms of their dasha or transit, it can delay their marriage.

Our services

Astrology Consultation

In our astrology consultation, we analyse your birth chart to identify any negative influences that may be causing a delay in your marriage. We will then provide you with a detailed explanation of the planetary positions in your chart that could be causing the delay, along with personalised remedies and solutions. The 7th house influences the marriage delay.

Compatibility Analysis

Some people have too many expectations about their partners, which is another reason for delay in marriages. We perform a compatibility analysis to determine whether you are compatible with your partner. This analysis will take into account both of your birth charts and identify any areas where there may be conflicts or challenges. By understanding the potential roadblocks, we can work together to find solutions and help you move towards a happy and fulfilling marriage.


We understand that delayed marriages can cause many difficulties for people as they may lead to depression, trouble in conception, social pressure and creating a happy life. We believe that every problem has a solution, and offers a range of remedies to help our clients overcome their challenges like performing specific pujas.

Personalised Guidance

Every person's situation is unique, and we offer personalised guidance to help you overcome your delay in marriage. We will take the time to understand your concerns and work with you to find the best solutions that fit your specific needs. Take the right steps to move towards a happy and fulfilling marriage!

Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya

Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya is amongst the most prominent Bengali pandit in Bangalore. Pandit Nirmal Bhattacharya who completed his M.A and Ph.D, is also a Kabya Vyakarana Tirtha, Purana Ratna, Paurohitya Tirtha, Pourahitya Shastri, Smritishastri, Jyotishacharya, and Tantrasamrat Awardee.

Dr. Bhattacharya is a qualified vedic priest in Bangalore and specialises in Kabya Vyakarana Tirtha, Purana Ratna and Paurohitya Tirtha. He is a veteran Jyotishacharya, Vedashastri, Purohitya Shastri. He has done extensive research in this area. He performs all types of pujas with years of experience. He is also an advisor of North Kolkata Brahman Samaj.

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