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We help you gain insights into your job prospects through astrology! As experts in the field for years, we analyse your birth chart, a map of the planets and their positions at the time of your birth. It can reveal important information about your career path and potential job opportunities.

Career Path Analysis
We analyse the Artha House in your birth chart, where Artha means goal, meaning and purpose. We guide the best careers for you based on your Arthas.

Our Jobs Astrology Services

Job prospects analysis

Our experienced astrologers assess your job prospects by analysing the birth chart. Your 10th house in your birth chart controls your job prospects. And the lord of the 10th house controls your worldly pleasure. When the planets are in unfavourable positions, both the 10th house and 10th house lords may have adverse effects, eventually hindering your job. We advise the best times to apply for jobs, negotiate salaries, and make career moves.

Compatibility Analysis

If you're considering a partnership or collaboration with a potential employer, this service can help you assess your compatibility. We analyse the planetary Dasha and the house lords for the careers of both you and your partner to make an informed decision about the best opportunities to pursue.

Timing Analysis

We analyse the planetary influences that affect your job search and career moves and identify the best times for you to take action, such as applying for jobs, accepting job offers, or making career changes. Our astrologers take into account the Dasamsa or Varga chart in predicting your career prospects. If you are looking for a job change, we predict it by analysing the position of planet Jupiter in the 10th house.

Career coaching

If you need ongoing support and guidance in your career, our professional astrologers help you identify your goals, create a plan of action, and provide support and accountability to help you achieve your career objectives based on astrological analysis. Your 10th house in the birth chart, ruled by Saturn along with the zodiac sign, in accordance with your moon sign, represents your career choices.


Astrological Remedies For Jobs

Our astrologers provide you with the best way to please the 10th house lord in order to find a good job or promotion n jobs. W analyse the birth chart and advice your mantras, Navagraha Abhisheka, offering water to lord Sun, or worshipping Lord Shani and many other options to make progress and benefits in life.

Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya

Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya is amongst the most prominent Bengali pandit in Bangalore. Pandit Nirmal Bhattacharya who completed his M.A and Ph.D, is also a Kabya Vyakarana Tirtha, Purana Ratna, Paurohitya Tirtha, Pourahitya Shastri, Smritishastri, Jyotishacharya, and Tantrasamrat Awardee.

Dr. Bhattacharya is a qualified vedic priest in Bangalore and specialises in Kabya Vyakarana Tirtha, Purana Ratna and Paurohitya Tirtha. He is a veteran Jyotishacharya, Vedashastri, Purohitya Shastri. He has done extensive research in this area. He performs all types of pujas with years of experience. He is also an advisor of North Kolkata Brahman Samaj.

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