Bengali Purohit BTM Layout

Great news for Bengali devotees living at BTM layout

Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya is a veteran Vedic Bengali purohit providing services for BTM layout people now. He is a research scholar and holds a Ph.D. degree in paurohitya shastra. His contact number is 9632540702.

He is from West Bengal. He is from a family of priests. His father and his elder brother are both prime priests of two temples. He has been in touch with shastra and Vedic mantras from the very beginning of his childhood. That is why his interest to acquire deep knowledge in Vedic shastra has grown.

Now, this greatly qualified person is serving at BTM layout too. This is a piece of great news not only for the Bengali people living at the BTM layout but also for others who have been looking for reliable purohit to conduct their rituals.

He is the best Bengali purohit around the BTM layout.  He conducts happy marriages. He is capable of conducting rituals like tithi dosh khandan, Vastu dosh khandan, kalsharpa dosh khandan, mangalik dosh khandan.

Dr. Bhattacharya provides services for annaprashan, grihaprabesh. Upanayana, Satya Narayan Puja, rudravhishekh, maha mrityunjay. He even conducts the biggest festival of Bengal, the Durga puja.

He knows each and every ritual of shraddha and conducts it in a proper Vedic way. Shraddha is the ceremony to seek blessings from ancestors and pray for their peaceful afterlife. This is why it should be done properly.

Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya can be considered one of the best Bengali purohits not only of BTM layout but India.

Call us for A Vedic Purohit from West Bengal   9632540702