Bengali Purohit Mahadevpura

Seek divine blessings with pujas by Bengali Purohit Bangalore

Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya (+91 9632540702) carries out committed religious ceremonies in the service of the community, according to karma, fate, and destiny. Hindu traditions include numerous pujas to attract good luck and positive energies and avoid evil powers. The home is the solace and the scene for such elaborate or simple pujas, according to the occasion. Bengali Purohit Mahadevpura has gathered eminence through scholarship and experience, awards, and attracted media publicity.

Growing up with gods and religious practices

 The environment of upbringing matters so much. Bengali Purohit Mahadevpura was influenced early in life by ancestral God Damodar Jeu, and Goddess Shitala. His father and elder brother were the chief priests of the temples. After his Upanayanam or thread ceremony at the age of 8, he plunged into a sacred lifestyle dedicated to Vedic verses. He delivered services as a head priest in Gaziabad Kali Temple and Faridabad Durgabari Kalimata Temple. Benaras conferred Kavyatirtha Award and Delhi Lalbahadur Shastri University honored him with Pourihitya Visharad Award.

 Look forward to significant pujas to spread sacred aura in the home

Pujas are very special occasions and proper conduct of rituals will attract the blessings of the divine powers. The perks of life like good health and happiness, peace and prosperity are the gifts of the gods. Money and property, study, and professions are all influenced by the higher powers. Bengali Purohit Mahadevapura conducts a large variety of pujas. Some of them are Ganesh Puja, Jagadhhatri Puja, Janmashtami, Mahalaya Tarpan and Ramnavami. Other significant pujas according to the situation and based on horoscopes are Grihapravesh and Marriage, Annaprashan and Upanayanam, Satyanarayana Puja, and Rudrabhisekh Puja. Discuss the requirements with family members and contact Purohitji with the details.


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