The epic narrative of Mahabharata

The epic narrative of Mahabharata The epic narrative of Mahabharata is one of those tales which seems to transcend time and space. It has been told so many times, it has almost become immortal and doesn’t cease to overwhelm us even to this day. The epic tale has endured for centuries and is relevant even […]

Lessons to learn from Ramayan

Ramayan Ramayan is more than an ancient religious epic book. Ramayan is an ideal guide to mankind that explains the principles of life. The lessons one can learn from the life of Lord Rama are innumerable. The story depicts the importance of Maryada (manners) in society, perspectives, and direction in life. It is not just […]

Why does one feel so enlivened and calm upon visiting a temple?

Regardless of what the spiritual beliefs of a person are, one cannot deny the invigorating feeling one experiences that seems to permeate the entire being at a temple visit. The calmness one feels upon entering the temple premise is unexplainable. The fragrance of the incense sticks, the echoing temple bells, and the prayers (mantras) being […]