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Attain peace of mind with pujas conducted by Bengali Purohit Bangalore

Exceptional Vedic Purohit dedicated to religious and cultural values Dr. Nirmal Bhattacharya (+91 9632540702) brings you the ultimate satisfaction. Passionate about religion from a young age, Purohitji has achieved much by way of scholarly and professional pursuits. Having headed two temples as chief priest, he also received several awards from two state governments in India. A warm and friendly personality, Purohitji is adept at divine pujas on budgets and makes all the arrangements required like the procurement of materials. Contact Bengali Purohit Electronics City to discuss the details and fix the puja date and time, by phone or through the website.

What sort of puja is presently on the agenda?

Hindu scriptures prescribe a variety of pujas on several occasions. Some are more important than others like the house inauguration Grihapravesh or the wedding (vivah) complex ritual. Kids will require the Annaprashan or commencement of solid food consumption. Pujas for general welfare and attracting positive energy like Sattyanarayanan Puja are also in great demand and should be carried out occasionally, prevention being the best cure. Bengali Purohit Electronics City is an excellent choice with accumulated experience and expertise for proper conduct of pujas. Procedures are based on traditional rites that are thousands of years old.

Does somebody need Navagraha Puja or Mangalik Dosh Khandan?

 Bengali Purohit Electronics City is quite familiar with the entire range of Hindu pujas. The purpose of Navagraha Puja is to attract the blessings of the gods who dwell in the nine planets. Such a puja removes the evil influence on somebody. Based on the horoscope, such a ceremony requires great proficiency. If Mars has the evil influence based on the birth chart, Mangalik Dosh Khandan is the solution. An expert Purohit will successfully carry out the required ceremony.


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