Bengali Purohit HAL Road

A trusted Bengali Purohit with numerous awards and achievements 

A few biographical details would convince you that Bengali Purohit HAL Road Dr Nirmal Bhattacharya (91-9632540702) deserves to be your family priest. Ph.D. holder, he served as head priest of Gaziabad Kali temple and Faridabad Durgabari Kalimata temple for several years. He received the Kavyatirtha award from Benaras and Pourihitya Visharad award from Delhi Lalbahadur Shastri University.

A reliable and punctual one-stop solution for every puja need

Pujas happen rather often in the Hindu household. Pujas are sacred occasions that bring positive energy, hope, and renewal like religious and national festivals. Faith is compulsory for a successful life. Bengali Purohit HAL Road has in-depth knowledge of scriptures added to a long experience. Dedicated and profound, he will guide every occasion. Leave all the arrangements to him. He procures all the puja materials needed. Payments are affordable and quickly done through several modes.


Seek divine bliss and spiritual gratification

Consult with Bengali Purohit HAL Road to arrange a variety of Pujas. Formalities are few, and Purohitji will quickly set the puja. Do not worry about small details but think of the big picture and the significance of spiritual occasions for blessings. Not every puja occasion celebrates happiness like Grihapravesh and Marriage. Tarpan Puja attracts the benefits of ancestors. Expressions of gratitude with black til offer reverence to ancestors. Purohitji will inform the details of the right dates and times.

Where there is life, there will be death, and the Shraddha Ceremony in memory of forbears keeps their spirits satisfied and attracts blessings. Astrological details are required regarding time, gotra, and date to conduct dedicated Vedic rituals.




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