Bengali Purohit Kagadaspura

An easily accessible Bengali Purohit with super puja answers

Immensely qualified and highly experienced, the revered and accomplished Bengali Purohit Kagadaspura arranges excellent Hindu puja rituals. Dr Nirmal Bhattacharya (91-9632540702) is easy to communicate with on the phone or via the website. Birth and growing up, study and work, marriage and death, every occasion requires sanctimonious Hindu ceremonies. Puja rituals will come and go over the years and decades. Wouldn’t it be satisfying to get the prowess of rare skill and knowledge to grace the home and family? Listen to the voice of supreme authority that represents the Holy Scriptures at every breath.

Which puja are you contemplating now? 

Griha Pravesh, Marriage (Vivah), Annaprashan and Satyanarayana Puja are relatively common, essential to almost every family. The Holy Scriptures and astrology offer meaningful solutions to life’s problems, and they are many. Avoid being stressed and consult Purohitji with the questions and be sure of finding blissful solutions. Bengali Purohit Kagadaspura also conducts several other pujas like Rudrabhisekh, Maha Mrityunjay Puja and Vastu Dosh Khandan. Do you need Shyama Puja, Durgotsava, Mahalaya Tarpan or Chandi Path? Talk over the details even if the required puja is not found in the above list.

Narayan Puja or Sattyanaraya Puja for family welfare

Those who are lost and confused and feel the presence of obstacles and evil forces could opt for one of these pujas. Bengali Purohit Kagadaspura will take care of every detail. Hindu mythology accords a noble place to Lord Narayan who grants blessings for health and wealth, intellect and prosperity. Appeasement is necessary to attract blessingsSatyanarayana Puja gets rid of those dark forces that obstruct human labour and prevent success. A dedicated puja with authentic Vedic systems attracts positive energies.


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